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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Soldier's Profile
Philip Goodile (Gutheil)
Private, Company "D"

(no photo currently available)

birthdate:December 25, 1830 Ram Krair, Germany
father:. birthdate:. place:.
mother:. birthdate:. place:.
pre-war occupation:. place:.
post-war occupation:. place:.
married:Summer, 1871 to: Harriet Lee place:Menlo, Iowa
birthdate (wife):June 12, 1851 place:Earlham, Iowa died:September 23, 1905
children:Hanna Catherine. Mary (Mame).
Phillip Wesley. Emma Jane.
Bertie. Dollie Evelyn.
Nancy Minerva. Ota Belle.
Ida May. Frank Ebenezer.
Laura Ellen. Pearl.
Charles Delbert.
died: April 12, 1907 place:Buffalo, New York cause of death: .
Military Career
drafted into 90-day service: October 8, 1862 .Company K
transferred: January 1, 1863 privateCompany D
discharged: August 12, 1863 expiration of term

Additional Details

Information provided by descendant of Philip Gutheil, David A. Head...
There is a discrepancy between Phillip's headstone, which lists his birthyear as 1830, and his military records which list 1833 as his birthyear.
He died on April 12, 1907 in Buffalo, New York () at the home of one of his daughters, Mary (Mame) Huxley.
He was discharged (from the military) on August 11, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi. We have a partial copy of his original Discharge Certificate.
His name was spelled "GOODILE", which was common at the time when clerks spelled a name the way it sounded. We have obtained his military records from the National Archives (which) give his name as "GOODILE and "GOODHILE".
The records also indicate that he was drafted, rather than being a volunteer.
He entered the Army from either Holmes or Wayne County, Ohio.
We do not know when or how he emigrated to the United States. He indicated to family that he was born in Prussia, which was soon to become a part of Germany.
The town name Ram Krair (Germany) is listed on his military records. We have not been able to verify a town, or region of that name.

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