God Bless Donald Trump!

God Bless
President Trump!

My name is Michael K. Wood and, until I believe the persecution of President Trump subsides, I will use this page to express my support for his presidency and to point out the continual and outrageous lies put forth by the extremist, radical left. I urge all of you to take action. We will all suffer, as will our nation, if we don't speak up and work to stop the outrages of the radical elite. Talk to your relatives, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Do something to let others know you love your country and you've had enough and what's happening is wrong by any standard at any time in our nation's history. Please get involved and help to save our nation from those who are destroying it even as you read this.

My Thoughts

I'm really tired of me and those I believe in being called racist and sexist. Not a day goes by when I don't hear some outrageous statement by someone or some group of the liberal left telling everyone that those whose politics don't agree with theirs are racists. Apparently, to NOT be a racist and sexist, we must believe..."

• In socialism - that the government should take most of working Americans' pay and give to others based on who the government thinks needs it more.

• The government is better suited to teach our children about life, sex and its own warped view of history than their parents.

• Only white people can be racists. Only white people are haters.

• Only black people were persecuted in the past.

• The values that made America great, strong, successful and generous are absolutely wrong.

• American history is mostly about racist white people taking advantage of blacks and native Americans.

• Because a woman can physically carry a baby in their bodies they also have the right to kill that baby any time they want and for any reason at all.

• Any form of "sexual identity" is 100% OK and we must alter our moral and religious views to accommodate them.

• We must allow physical boys to take showers in our little girls' locker rooms and use their restrooms if they feel feminine instead of masculine.

If you don't believe in all the things, above, then you are, without a doubt, a racist and, surely, a sexist, too. What a bunch of lies! I understand these attitudes come from a planned attack on American culture and the American system by a small but powerful group. What I don't understand is how so many seemingly intelligent "regular" Americans fall for this bull. Or, possibly, they just don't take the time to understand what they're voting for when they vote for liberal Democrats. Pure insanity. Get a clue, people, if you vote Democrat you are voting for the end of our nation. IN 2010 there were 70 Democrats in Congress that were card-carrying members of the Socialist Party of America (no Republicans). We don't know exactly how many, today, because, as socialist always must do, they have taken their list of names off the Internet, that is, they must hide in the shadows because even ignorant Americans might be turned off if they knew who was a socialist. Isn't this one fact, alone, enough to make you STOP voting for liberals?

So, anyone that is a liberal, by now, has robustly classified me as a racist, white supremacist, bigot, sexist, on and on and is figuring out how to attack me or "report me". Because I don't believe they way they do. These people are beyond ridiculous. But they just keep accusing and screaming and attacking - and Americans just keep soaking it up, their minds infected by these propaganda lies. Come on, libs, come talk to me and find even ONE piece of evidence that I am a racist - other than not agreeing with your snowflake ideas on how everyone should believe the bull you do. Oh, I forgot - I am a conservative white guy so I guess that's all the evidence you need.

Now, let me tell you how I do believe - and I think about 63+ million other Americans, probably many more...(coming soon...)